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Preferred Janitorial Service in Olympia, WA!

Perhaps you’re looking for reliable office cleaners, or maybe you want to hire a contractor that offers medical cleaning solutions. Either way, Preferred Cleaning Service can assist you! We are a highly experienced and dependable cleaning contractor in Olympia, WA, and we specialize in cleaning all types of commercial properties. Contact us today!

For Quality Commercial Cleaning in Olympia, WA, contact Preferred Cleaning Service

Keeping your commercial or industrial property clean can be challenging. So, instead of trying to tackle this task all by yourself, it’s best to outsource it to experts like us. By using our industrial carpet cleaning services and other solutions, you can have an attractive and well-maintained workspace while saving plenty of time.

Call (360) 556-5333 and Reach the Dependable Cleaning in Olympia, WA!

Here at Preferred Cleaning Service, we rely on special tools and equipment that make our job simpler and help us finish our cleaning tasks in a quick and efficient way. We also use advanced methods that let us clean commercial properties according to the highest standards and create excellent results for our clients.

Outstanding Cleaning Service

The Top-Notch Cleaning Solutions That We Offer


Office Cleaning


Medical Cleaning


Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning


Hospitality and Restaurants Cleaning


Commercial Floor and Carpet Cleaning

Other Services
Theater Cleaning
School Cleaning
Bank Cleaning
Power Washing
Sanitation Service
Retail Center Cleaning
Auto Dealership Cleaning
Religious Building Cleaning
Construction Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Flooring Maintenance
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Janitorial Service

Victor Strauch
Victor Strauch
They did a great job on our construction cleaning project. They were very knowledgeable, precise and dedicated to work. I would highly recommend their services for anyone looking for a reliable construction cleaning service provider
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton
Best cleaning service available hands down!!
Not Julia Goolia
Not Julia Goolia
Friendly staff, thorough job cleaning EVERYTHING and competitive pricing! Choose Preferred Cleaning, you’ll be glad you did!

If you are looking for Warehouse Cleaning, call (360) 556-5333!

For Quality Commercial Cleaning contact us!

Expert Janitorial Service in Olympia, WA!

(360) 556-5333

Olympia, WA, 98502

Give yourself, your staff, and your customers the clean, sanitized workspace everyone deserves.

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Religious Building Cleaning

Religious Building Cleaning

Our company can clean churches, mosques, and other kinds of religious buildings. We will take the right steps to make sure that your place of worship is always pristine and immaculate while respecting your faith and beliefs. If you're planning to hire experts who specialize in cleaning religious buildings, don't hesitate to give our company a call.
Other Services

Other Services

Aside from providing general cleaning and sanitation solutions, we can assist you with individual cleaning tasks like carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and power washing. We're also experts in flooring maintenance, and we can strip, wax, and buff your floors to restore their appearance and make them last longer. Call us if you'd like to use these services!

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Our company prioritizes employee satisfaction, and we do our best to retain hardworking and reliable people. In fact, many of our staff members have been with us for several years! We provide our employees with the tools that they need to safely tackle their jobs, and we offer comprehensive training to help our people achieve their full potential. If you believe that our corporate culture and work environment are suitable for you, don’t hesitate to submit your CV to us!

Preferred Cleaning Service should be your first port of call if you need quality commercial cleaning solutions in Olympia, WA. Contact our team now!

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